In 1987, a young 24 yr. old boy by the name of Brady Bennett was laid off from his auto body shop job profession. Brady approached his uncle Don Bennett of Don’s sports cars for work at his auto lot. Don handed young Brady a shovel and said “start shoveling.” Young Brady was hired instantly to Don’s Wood And Dale tree division. This was the start of young Brady’s tree profession. As winter approached at the end of the 1988 season, young Brady embarked on his own self employment fixing and painting cars in a rented shed on the back side of his good friend Tom Christianson’s farm. After working hard with the help of his friends and family young Brady had enough money saved for his first tree spade. In 1991 Brady started Trees by Brady in his uncle Don’s footsteps. The tree business quickly took over the auto business. Twenty five years later young Brady is now older Brady and is really good at moving trees. As the years progressed Brady has designed and built much of his own tree moving equipment for better efficiency and versatility. He has had many great customers and friends along the way. Over the years everything imaginable was learned about moving trees and their care afterward.

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